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You may be a sole proprietor, but that doesn’t mean you’re all alone in planning and growing your business!

From starting out and incorporation to succession planning and legal considerations, the business and financial experts at Union Bay Credit Union will give you the tools you need to make your business a success – however you choose do define it!

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Starting Your Business

Between creating your business plan and hanging that first earned dollar on your wall, you're bound to run into all sorts of surprises when starting a new business. We’ll walk you through the steps involved and introduce you to some of the organizations you'll be dealing with along the way. Being prepared will not only make the process smoother; it will ultimately increase your chances of success!  Browse topics

Growing Your Business

In order for your business to thrive, you need to constantly re-examine your short- and long-term goals, and be prepared to make the changes necessary to grow. From developing new marketing strategies to expanding your distribution channels, there are a number of new challenges you’ll face as your business grows. We’ll walk you through a few of them. Browse topics

Non-Profit Organizations

In many ways, non-profit organizations are similar to for-profit businesses; you still need careful planning and clear objectives if you hope to succeed. We have a deep respect for our friends and neighbours who work to make our communities stronger. Let us help you understand the unique position of the non-profit in today's business world. Browse topics

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