Service Fees

*Subject to change without notice

eTransfers - all accounts $2.00
Official cheques or certified cheques $7.00
Certified Cheque, third party $10.00
Bill payments - online, telephone as per account type
Bill payments in branch $1.50
Reverse an online or telephone bill payment $10.00
Post dated cheques, held for loan payments N/C
Post dated cheques, held for deposit $5.00
Stop payments $10.00
Payroll deposits (manual posting, per item) $2.00
Interim statement in-branch $3.00
Interim statement online N/C
Transfer requested by phone or fax $6.00
Transfer online within your account or to another member account as per account type
Wire transfers to another Credit Union $30.00 + cost from Central1 CU
Wire transfers to other Financial Institutions $50.00 + cost from Central1 CU
Incoming wire transfer $15.00 + cost from Central1 CU
Overdraft transfer from another account $7.50
Chargeback $10.00
NSF returned item $45.00
Overdrawn account item not returned  $45.00
Un-encoded cheque processing $15.00
Cheques written in U.S. funds on CDN account $15.00
U.S. currency deposit N/C
Account closed within 90 days $25.00
Cheque cashed for non-member                                                    $6.00
Cheques written on non-chequing account $15.00
Member requested document search $30.00 per hour
Items on collection $30.00
Photocopies or Faxes N/C
Funds held $6.00
Safekeeping documents - annually $40.00
Third party demands $20.00
Reference letters


Audit confirmations/Bank confirmations

Interest Paid Statement


Transfers of RRSP, RRIF, RESP to other financial institutions $50.00
Balance of account - transfers out $15.00 to CU's $25.00 to Banks
Interac charges $2.25
Cirrus charges/US ATM $4.00
International ATM Charges $4.00
Hornby Island remote service fee $10.00
Inactive account $2.00 per month
Dormant account $60.00 annual fee