MEMBER ALERT - Change to Internet Banking Password Security

Members who access online banking through the Union Bay login portal (above) will be required to update their password as of June 5, 2022. The reason for this change is to enhance online banking security. One of the common ways that hackers break into computers is by guessing passwords. A complex password allows you to better protect your account.

What you need to know when the enhanced security change is implemented:

  • When you log in to internet banking or the mobile app for the first time on or after June 5, you will get a message instructing you to change your password
  • Your NEW password must:
    • be between 6 – 8 alpha numeric characters
    • and cannot include any special characters ! @ # $ ( ) - \ : ' , . / ?
  • Once you have created a new password and confirmed it, this will be your new password on both browser-based internet banking and in the mobile app

Thank you for your patience and understanding. First Credit Union is committed to maintaining an increased focus on cyber security and will continue to implement changes to helping you protect your account.

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