UBCU Directors

Union Bay Credit Union Board of Directors

Edith Skiber

Edith Skiber - Vice Chair

A resident of Deep Bay for more than 22 years, Edith worked for 16 years with Castlegar Credit Union and also served as Financial Secretary for IWA from 1980 to 1993. Edith joined the UBCU Board of Directors in 2006, driven largely by her strong belief in credit union principles and the importance of local governance and decision-making.

On a personal note, Edith enjoys golf and spending time outdoors with her dog and her camera. She has served in many other volunteer roles with organizations such as the BC Golf Association’s North Island Zone, the Fanny Bay Enhancement Society and the Cranbrook Food Bank, to name but a few.

In her words: "Credit Unions have been very much a part of my life since 1964, when I began working for the local credit union in Castlegar. I believe strongly in local governance that can adjust to the needs of members, making quick decisions to improve members' financial wellness. Community, after all, is more than a buzz word – it is where we live with our friends and neighbours and where we look out for one another."

Dianne Christensen

Dianne Christensen

A Comox Valley resident for more than 25 years, Dianne is an Education Assistant for School District 71 and an active volunteer with organizations such as LUSH Valley, World Community and Vancouver Island MusicFest.

Since 1970, Dianne has been a member of several BC credit unions, including UBCU for more than 25 years. She’s been very active since joining the UBCU Board of Directors in 2003, having served at various times on all Board sub-committees.

In her words: "I strongly believe that we build strong communities by investing our time and resources locally. Local interests are best serviced by local financial institutions; knowing our members and our communities helps us better serve our members as they work toward their financial goals."

Fabien Gendron

Fabien Gendron

Originally from Quebec’s Eastern Townships, Fabien now works as a Chartered Professional Accountant here in the Comox Valley.

A former member of Quebec’s Caisse Populaire credit union, Fabien was quick to join the grassroots Triple Rock Land Cooperative on Denman Island and to become a member of the UBCU upon arriving on Vancouver Island in 2003. He joined the UBCU Board in 2015.

Fabien is passionate about cooking, gardening and local food production, and he loves getting out into nature and enjoying the youthful sprit of his two young children.

In his words: "I believe in creating a positive local impact and nurturing community connections; that sense of connection and fulfillment is so enriching to one's life. In my opinion, the services and ability of the credit union to better its members are unparalleled by any other financial institution."

David Graham

David Graham - Chair

A longtime Union Bay / Denman Island resident, David has a well established business pedigree and is a former elected official with Island Trusts, which is mandated to protect the amenities and environments of the islands of the Salish Sea.

A firm believer in co-op principles, David has served on the UBCU Board on and off for more than 20 years. He lives on a cooperative on Denman Island with his wife Joanne and has two sons, Rob and Sam, of which he is immensely proud.

In his words: "Being a member and serving on the Board of the UBCU fits with my personal philosophy and admiration for cooperative values. People working together can do great things; I thoroughly enjoy helping my community and our members prosper."

Sharon Hadden

Sharon Hadden

A resident of Buckley Bay since 1978, Sharon co-owned and operated Fanny Bay Oysters for 20 years before selling the company in 2007. She’s since earned her MBA and a CGA designation and currently runs a successful Comox Valley accounting practice.

A credit union member since the late ’70s, Sharon enthusiastically accepted an invitation to join the UBCU Board of Directors in 2013. She enjoys traveling and playing sports like slo-pitch and golf, and she’s the proud mother of three sons.

In her words: "A community's ability to support a successful cooperative reveals a strong character and deep values that cannot be bought and paid for. Part of my responsibility as a Board member is to respect and foster that community strength while meeting the financial needs of the community."

Christian Weixelbaumer

Christian Weixelbaumer

Originally from Switzerland, Christian was lured to Canada by Expo 67 in Montreal and eventually settled in Vancouver. There, he worked in the engineering department of an architectural firm and eventually met his partner, Karin.

In 1978, Christian and Karin moved to Hornby Island, established WEIX Construction and became proud UBCU members. A firm adherent of credit union principles, Christian was honoured to join the UBCU Board of Directors in 2005. He’s since been involved in several Board committees, and has volunteered extensively in his community with organizations such as the Hornby Island Co-op, Fire Department and Recycling Committee.

In his words: "Being part of our island's life for 40 years has involved us in many volunteer events, including building projects, festivals and island fairs. The UBCU has always been very supportive in helping our community raise funds. I am honoured to serve as a director and am loyal to the credit union movement."

Mac Snobelen

Mac Snobelen

A visitor or resident of Bowser since the mid-1960s, Mac has run a successful roofing business, worked as a building contractor and still owns and operates a local building supply store in the area. He continues to be involved in his community, participating in community projects and supporting variety of local events. He plays rugby, loves to fish and enjoys boating, family time and gardening.

Mac has been a member of various cooperatives since the early ’80s and joined the UBCU Board of Directors in 2015. He’s proud to support and encourage UBCU’s policy of social responsibility and the credit union’s many contributions to the communities it serves.

In his words: "Credit unions are unlike most businesses; they give back in a big way, re-investing members' deposits into the local communities. These are practices I'm incredibly proud to support."

Wayne Anderson

Wayne Anderson

Wayne Anderson practised law in Alberta for 27 years before relocating to the Comox Valley in 2010. Two years later, he was called to the British Columbia bar and began practicing law once again. Today, his law practice is dedicated to helping small-business owners deal with the many issues that confront them.

Wayne has served on a variety of volunteer boards in both Alberta and BC. Locally, he’s been a member of, and legal counsel for, the Union Bay Historical Society since 2010 and has served as President, Vice President and Secretary of the Sid Williams Theatre Society. Currently, Wayne is corporate counsel for five non-profit organizations working within the Comox Valley.

In his words: "My wife and I are incredibly proud to be credit union members, and to be part of an organization that makes such vital contributions to the community we now call home. Service is of paramount importance to us, and there’s simply no substitute for the great service we get at our local credit union."

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