UBCU Community Connect

Community Connect - helping to build strong communities

Our credit union is only as strong as the communities we serve. That’s why giving back to those communities – from Bowser to Royston and Denman to Hornby – is an integral part of the fabric of our organization.

Our Community Connect program is the umbrella under which we strive to advocate, educate and celebrate our local communities and the people within them.

Advocate: The community groups and initiatives that are important to our members and employees are important to us, too. From bursaries and donations to community accounts and paid volunteer opportunities for our employees, we advocate for everyone working to make our communities stronger.

Educate: How can you make sound financial decisions if you don’t understand your personal finances? We’re here to help – and because we’re only beholden to you, the UBCU member, you know we always have your best interest at heart. 

Celebrate: For such a small region, we have an abundance of talented individuals and dedicated groups doing amazing things in our communities! We’re proud to support their efforts, and we make no excuses for the immense pride we feel for each of the communities we serve.